Searching For Small-Town Heroes

Apr. 2, 2021

Poynter published a very interesting article this week that builds a strong case for the importance of small-town newspaper editors -- the kind of community-focused people we are identifying and training through the NewStart program.

In John W. Miller's article entitled "Looking back at a day when small-town newspaper editors could be heroes," he focuses on the life of newsman Walter "Buzz" Storey and ponders what role people like Storey can and should play in America today.

The Buzz Storeys of the world are slowly disappearing, and so are many of the outlets they ran for decades. Miller discusses members of the next generation of journalists who may fill the void, but more are needed. And these journalists will not just have to worry about filling space in a printed product, but running the entire business and serving the needs of their communities in as many ways as possible.

Programs like NewStart can help. If you missed our announcement earlier this week, we are expanding our Media Solutions and Innovation program. Folks who are interested in ensuring that local journalism not just survives, but thrives, will be able to earn an online master's degree through WVU's Reed College of Media, or they can go the non-degree route and join our Executive Training Program. 

The results of both programs are the same -- training in how to make a local news outlet sustainable for years to come.

If this interests you, check out the details for both programs here. And if you have additional questions, send me an email and we can find a time to chat.

We would like nothing more than helping the next Buzz Storey become an integral part of a local community.